Our corrugated plastic pipes for sewage and drainage applications have a number of operational advantages.

Long-life Performance

Abrasion of the inner wall of the pipes is very low
Resistant to acids and other aggressive fluids
Corma’s Double Layer InLine Couplings ensure lowest tolerances to guarantee long-lasting joint tightness
High flow rate, low Manning’s Coefficient

Lightweight and Strong

Strength is derived from corrugated design of the outer wall
Save up to 60 % in raw materials vs. solid walled plastic pipes
Low weight means less labour for installation
Can be installed in constrained areas

Integrity of Joints

Corma’s Double Layer Inline Coupling low tolerance design provides a tight joint that won’t leak
Fewer joints in 6m pipes (three times longer than conventional piping systems), creating fewer opportunities for leaks

Low Operational Cost

Lower transportation costs: More double wall corrugated pipe can be loaded on one truck vs. concrete pipes
Less damage during storage and handling
No heavy-duty equipment required for installation


Corrugated piping systems easily withstand natural settlements without suffering cracks or leakages
Flexibility means safety – plastic corrugated pipes are engineered to bend without compromising the structural strength, unlike pipes made of rigid materials that are prone to cracking

Ecological Footprint

Less raw material consumption compared to solid wall plastic pipes
Recyclable at the end of its life cycle
CO2 emission for concrete pipes is 3-4 times higher than for double walled corrugated plastic pipes

Sewage & Drainage

200 mm

630 Corrugator

300 mm

830 Corrugator

300 mm

840 Corrugator

365 mm

1030 Corrugator

500 mm

1230 Corrugator

700 mm

1530 Corrugator

800 mm

2430 Corrugator

1200 mm

3630 Corrugator

1500 mm

4830 Corrugator

1800 mm

6030 Corrugator

3000 mm

P 42/120 Pulsating Corrugator

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