We are a premium provider

Corma provides a comprehensive, high-quality range of corrugators, tooling and downstream equipment.

Corrugator Technology

Corma provides customers with tremendous advantages through unique features such as the vertical construction, innovative air cooling technologies, adjustability and mold block quick return.

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Mold Block Technology

Corma’s mold block design is optimized for the most efficient cooling, maximum production versatility and quick changeovers for different pipe sizes.

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Pipe Coupling Technology

Corma is known for its innovative pipe coupling technologies that enable our customers to produce strong couplings in an efficient and cost effective process.

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Corrugator Extrusion Die Technology

Corma’s die head and tooling are easily calibrated for optimal material distribution and quick startups. Our customers can achieve high outputs and line speeds with our extrusion dies while maintaining low back pressure for safe operation. We have proven results with a wide range of materials including PE, PP and PVC.

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Corma is the difference to your business

Corma Inc. produces corrugated plastic pipe production machinery and technology. Our business is helping our clients’ business.

We are a premium provider

Corma Inc. provides clients in the corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing industry with a comprehensive, high quality range of machinery, dies and molds equipment and downstream equipment solutions.

We are an industry leader

Corma has more than 40 years in the business of manufacturing and servicing corrugated plastic pipe and tubing producers. We achieved this historical milestone because of our adherence to five guiding principles that have served us well since Manfred Lupke first founded the company in 1973.

We are versatile

Use Corma machinery and equipment as a turnkey pipe manufacturing system installation, or as an individual component to upgrade or add value to your existing system and business.

We guarantee what we sell

Each Corma corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing equipment installation is backed by a 36-month mechanical warranty and an optional 10-year extended warranty — an exceptionally long and comprehensive warranty program.

We provide superior service

Our commitment to customer service goes from the first brainstorming meetings to onsite visits, after-sales support, and ongoing support for emerging corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing requirements.