As a leading innovator in the industry, Corma is committed to developing a sustainable platform for plastic pipes by working towards a circular economy. It starts with the 3R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our technologies provide solutions for plastics that are recyclable and reusable at any stage of their life-cycle, whether as pre/post-industrial, or pre-consumer and more importantly, post-consumer. This ethos will drive sustainability within our industry.
Consider that since 1956 only 9% of the plastics used have been recycled and that currently, only 10% of the global demand for plastics is fed by recycled sources¹ . We need to improve these figures by providing more outlets for using recycled plastics within the industry. It will increase demand and change our culture of a “take, make, dispose” mentality to one that considers plastics as a renewable resource.

Corma has years of experience, extensive knowledge of materials and product design, allowing our corrugators to produce pipes at lighter weights. We continually drive improvements in the efficiencies of our equipment, looking at novel ways to recover and reduce their energy demands, and by improving distribution and supplier network, we further reduce our carbon footprint

Skipping the Reuse step of the process sometimes happens, as the materials are easy to recycle and because the products made using our corrugators can have a lifespan of 100 years². But we incorporate the Reuse philosophy into our design, embedding flexibility and interchangeability within, enabling our customers to use existing tooling on various sizes of machine regardless of their age. It gives our customers peace of mind and knowledge that their investments will always be compatible with future projects/requirements.

We know that plastic pipes have many benefits and are more environmentally friendly than those made from other materials. It is why we actively promote the use of recycled materials with our customers. We know that using recycled materials; helps reduce ocean-bound plastics; it reduces greenhouse gases and energy consumption; it reduces landfill; all the while creating jobs for the recycling sector and ultimately develops a circular economy for sustainability.

Corma and the 3 R’s Tech Sheet