Plastic corrugated pipes and tubes are an ideal solution for electrical conduit and cable ducting and can be found within the walls of buildings as well as underneath the ground below roads and walkways.

Corrugated electrical and cable ducting protects critical infrastructure from being damaged, including electricity, telecommunications, lighting and many other utilities. Commonly used materials include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) as well as PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Some of the advantages of plastic corrugated pipes for cable protection include:

Produced in continuous length, minimizing the number of required joints
Coilable, easy to transport
Flexibility allows installers to easily lay pipes around obstacles
Outer corrugated layer provides strength while minimizing weight for ease of transport and installation
Smooth inner layer minimizes friction and enables easy cable pull in

With extensive experience in pipe and profile design, Corma corrugators are capable of producing a wide variety of corrugated electrical conduit and cable protection solutions:

Single, double or triple wall pipes
Traditional corrugation profile or spiral pipe
Large range of pipe sizes
Round or oval corrugated pipe profile

Cable Ducting & Electrical Conduit

110 mm

130 Corrugator

160 mm

430 Corrugator

200 mm

630 Corrugator

300 mm

830 Corrugator

300 mm

840 Corrugator

365 mm

1030 Corrugator

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