Triple wall pipes are an ideal solution for applications that require exceptional strength.  Typically, triple wall pipes have a corrugated structural core sandwiched by smooth wall inner and outer layers.  Usage for triple wall pipes include drainage, irrigation, septic systems and retaining walls.

Corma’s plastic corrugated pipe extrusion lines feature technology that assist our customer to easily produce strong triple wall pipes.

Building on the success of our Double Wall Dies, our Triple Wall Die design features a high level of adjustability, enabling pipe manufacturers to easily align the pipe layers and adjust wall thickness accordingly.

In addition, we applied our expertise in pipe couplings and designed the triple wall bell and spigot coupling.  Our coupling design maintains the overall strength of the triple wall pipe at every joint which are common weak points in other coupling designs.

Much like the proven Corma double wall pipe couplings, the triple wall bell and spigot couplings can be produced in-line on Corma corrugators, eliminating the need for an additional belling machine.