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Corrugated Pipe Manufacturing Products

Wide Product Range

Corma Inc. offers a full range of corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing systems capable of producing pipes of virtually all sizes for a wide range of applications. Corma’s versatile machinery is designed to work with any make of extruder and can use a wide variety of plastic materials in the production of single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall and rib pipe.

We provide a patented range of pipe manufacturing machinery, dies and die tooling equipment, and a wide variety of downstream equipment for manufacturing PVC pipes and other plastic tubing, including polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP tubing, as well as corrugated pipe.

Corma supplies corrugated plastic pipe production systems as either complete turnkey installations or as individual components.

High Product Quality

Every Corma corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing machine begins with our proven, patented designs.

In confidential collaboration with our clients, we customize production systems and auxiliary equipment to meet specific requirements. Our machines can be custom engineered to work with the widest variety of materials to ensure requisite pipe stiffness and adherence to worldwide standards, while also delivering materials cost savings.

Corma maintains our own research and development laboratory, engineering department, materials (plastics) laboratory, and foundry. Experts from these groups work interdependently to meet individual client requirements.

Products of Corma Inc.

Follow the links below to find out which products can help you to productively cover the demands of your corrugated pipe market: