Corrugated Pipe Manufacturing Products

Corma offers a full range of corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing systems capable of producing pipes of virtually all sizes for a wide range of applications.

Our Products

Our versatile machinery is designed to work with any make of extruder and can use a wide variety of plastic materials to produce single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall and rib pipe.

We provide a patented range of pipe manufacturing machinery, dies and die tooling equipment, plus numerous downstream equipment for manufacturing PVC pipes and other plastic tubing, including polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP tubing and corrugated pipe.

Corma supplies corrugated plastic pipe production systems as either complete turnkey installations or as individual components.

High Product Quality

Every Corma corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing machine begins with our proven, patented designs.

In confidential collaboration with our clients, we customize production systems and auxiliary equipment to meet specific requirements. Our machines can be custom-engineered to work with the widest variety of materials to ensure requisite pipe stiffness and adherence to worldwide standards, while also delivering materials cost savings.

Corma maintains our own research and development laboratory, engineering department, materials (plastics) laboratory and foundry. Experts from these groups work interdependently to meet individual client requirements.


Corma’s unique vertical construction corrugator design can be traced all the way back to our very first corrugator – the M600 designed and built over 50 years ago.

Vertical Corrugators
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Downstream Equipment

Corma offers a wide range of high-quality equipment for downstream pipe handling and customization:

Pipe Aftercooler
Pipe Cut Offs


Our 36-Month, 24/7 Warranty

Corma machinery and production systems have been known to last for many, many years of operation. In fact, there are numerous Corma pipe production systems built in the 1970s that are still producing plastic corrugated pipe today!


Each Corma corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing equipment installation is backed by our industry leading 36-month mechanical warranty. And each of our standard warranties covers continuous equipment operation. Machinery is protected against defects or failures 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for the full 36-months of equipment operation. That’s a total of 26,280 hours of continuous production time.

Extended Product Warranty

Our extended warranty includes annual systems inspection and onsite operator/user training. You may purchase an extended warranty for new equipment or for existing equipment already in operation.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service representatives

At Corma, we care about service. That’s why we assign a dedicated customer support representative directly to your account immediately after purchase. They are familiar with your particular system and how you use it. This allows for quicker analysis of potential problems and faster responses.