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Corrugated plastic pipe production systems are versatile, efficient and long-lasting for a number of applications. We specialize in serving a number of industries who make use of this technology.


Small diameter flexible corrugated tubing for protecting critical automotive components, such as wiring conduits, harnesses and fuel lines, typically using materials such as PE, PP and nylon.

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Cable Ducting

Flexible plastic corrugated pipes and tubing are an ideal solution for electrical conduit and cable ducting in between the walls or underneath roads and walkways.

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Flexible and collapsible plastic corrugated tubing is commonly found on medical equipment such as ventilators, respirators as well as devices for anesthesia and sleep apnea.

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Sewage & Drainage

Corrugated plastic pipes have many advantages in drainage and sewage applications, including long service life, lightweight, strong joints and pipe stiffness and easy to install.

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With over 45 years of expertise, Corma is a proven and valuable partner for pipe manufacturers globally. Our expertise include pipe profile design, plant layout, resin selection and extruder requirements.

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