Interchangeability of mold blocks

Mold blocks from smaller or lager corrugators within the same family grouping can be used on other Corma corrugators in that grouping without any adaptors.

Save investment costs

Find efficiencies by using mold blocks for multiple corrugators. For example, mold blocks for a 830 corrugator can be used on a 1530 corrugator since both use 4” wide mold blocks.

The table below shows the width of mold blocks for different corrugator models and the possibilities to switch back and forth.

Mold Block Carrier Adaptors

With innovative mold block carrier adaptors, even mold blocks from smaller corrugators can run on larger corrugators.

The width of standard Corma mold blocks are: 1” – 2” – 4” – 8”

For example, blocks that are 4” wide can be used on a machine that usually needs 8” wide molds, as two 4” blocks are placed on one 8” carrier adapter.