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Mold Block Inserts

Most of our customers produce different ring stiffness classes in order to fulfill various market requirements. Therefore we are offering our patented Mold Block Insert Technology. This system enables you to produce for example optimized SN4 and optimized SN8 pipes with only one set of molds, by changing Mold Inserts and Cooling Plug only.

It can be used also to optimize pipe profiles for use of different raw materials.

Mold Block Inserts by Corma

Benefits for our customers:

  • Manufacturing of pipes according to the best cost / performance ratio
  • Saving of huge amounts of operating costs for raw material over many years

Corma’s patented mold block insert system is available for pipe sizes from 400 to 3.000 mm o.d.!

Our video shows how easy it is to change the Mold Block Inserts.

Mold Block Insert Video

For access to the video please contact our Sales Representatives or info@corma.com.