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Mold Block Technology

Quick change over and easy handling

Corma’s Mold Blocks are maintenance free. There are no cooling water channels that need to be cleaned frequently, such as it is common practice for direct water cooled corrugators.

Quick change over times are ensured by Corma’s quick change system for mold blocks. Mold blocks can be changed without use of any tools. Smaller molds are changed by hand and for larger diameters have their own automated changing unit.

We ensure a constant molding temperature.

Corma is producing all mold blocks in it’s own foundry in Forest, Ontario – Canada.

Mold block of Corma Inc.

Beside these advantages Corma customers also take advantage of further Mold Block innovations such as:

See how easy it is to change mold blocks on a Corrugator of Corma in our video.

Mold Block Technology Video

For access to the video please contact our Sales Representatives or info@corma.com.