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Inline coupling

Corma’s patented Double Layer in- Line Coupling Technology is one of the most economical pipe connecting systems in the world. It is known for its high quality and leadership in many pipe markets.

Standard In-Line Coupling for corrugated pipes

Corma is the inventor and patent holder of the processes and the product of the two inline coupling systems:

  • Single layer couplings
  • Double layer couplings


Inline couplings are produced during the production process
  • No downstream belling machines is required
  • The couplings fulfill the requirements of the standards
  • only one sealing ring is needed for connection of pipes
  • water tight joints with very low tolerances for dimensions

In-line couplings – Bell & Spigot type

The outside diameter of the couplings is the same as the outside diameter of the pipe.

In-Line Coupling for corrugated plastic pipes - Bell & Spigot Type

Advantages of the Bell and Spigot Type of In-Line Couplings

  • Smaller and less costly sealing rings can be used
  • Laying the pipe in trenches is much safer and quicker, as the trench is of uniform depth
  • No deformation of the coupling during storage and transportation of the pipes

Corrugated Plastic Pipe with Double Layer Inline-Coupling