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Die Equipment

Corma’s specially developed die heads interface with any Corma system and any make of suitable extruder: all die heads are custom-built to meet end-product requirements.

In order to manufacture perfect pipes easy and accurate adjustability on the die heads is a must have.

It is needed to adjust following parameters:

  • Material flow
  • Die centering
  • Die gap

These parameters can be adjusted in a very easy way on Corma’s die heads. Outer and inner layer of the pipe can be centered. The die gap for the outer wall can be adjusted to vary the pipe profile thickness, the same applies for the inner layer in order to vary the inner wall thickness.

Every die design comes with a quick change over solution, which provides shortest change over times, resulting in greatly reduction of down times of the corrugated pipe production line.
Corma Corrugators have a very short mold closing section resulting in a reduced length of the die tooling, that lead to higher production speeds because of less back pressure in the die.

Clients of Corma don’t need to buy specific dies for each type of pipe.

Compact Die Heads

Especially designed for the production of large diameter PP and HDPE pipes.

800 mm i.d. die tooling and compact large diameter double wall pipe die (top) / 1000 mm i.d. die tooling (bottom)

Make adjustments to the wall thickness and die centering while in operation. Changeovers are quick and easy, as it only requires a different feed block , the die handling is simple and safe. The compact dies alleviates back pressure and increases the productivity of your corrugated plastic pipe production.

Further advantages of our die technology are vacuum cooling plugs, preparations for the In-Line Coupling and a internal pipe cooling system.

Corma Die Spider

Unique design for extruder die heads and die tooling. Creates a very strong overlapping joint in the pipe that dramatically improves impact properties. Appropriate for use with all types of plastic material and all pipe designs, but especially beneficial with PVC.