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Die Equipment

Corma offers various die head solutions for all kinds corrugated pipe applications

Our die heads are developed to interface with any Corma system and any make of suitable extruder our customers select.

Die Head for the production of Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

Pipe Dies

  • Single-wall – available in either a straight or off-set design allowing cable or other materials to be inserted during production.
  • Double-wall die – patented design with either one or two channels for use with PE and PP. Advantages include increased output rates and reduced downtime.

Basically we offer to different Double Wall Pipe Dies:

Corma’s Two Channel Double Wall Die

Designed mainly for the use with PE and PP materials.
This patented die allows the manufacture of double wall pipe using either one or two plastic materials and two extruders.
Two channels lead from the die body to the parison exits.

Cross section of Corma's Two Channel Die Head

Our two channel double wall die also can be changed from a two-extruder operation to a single extruder operation simply by re-assembly.
Also the insertion of pull ropes or pilot wires into the pipe during the production of double wall pipes is possible.

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Corma’s patented Single Channel Double Wall Die

Ideal solution for the use of PVC materials, but also designed for PE and PP materials.
With the single channel double wall die our customers can produce either double or single wall corrugated pipes. The change from double to single wall operation, or vice versa, takes only minutes, as simply the tooling part at the tip of the die must be changed.

Cross section of Corma's single channel die head

Low melt pressure, high output rates, assembly of the die in less time are only a few characteristics of the single channel double wall die.

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Compact Die for Large Diameter Double Wall Pipes

Especially designed for the production of large diameter pipes in PP and HDPE.
Adjustments to the wall thickness and the die centering are easy to perform while in operation.

The compact die consists of a base and all different tooling sizes are mounted to this die. Only a different feed block is required for changeover and therefore changeovers are quick and easy.

Further advantages such as Vacuum Cooling Plugs, preparation for In-Line Couplings and the internal pipe cooling system are all available for use with the compact die.