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Planetary Cut-Off

Model CRCO

For pipe sizes:
50 mm - 1800 mm 2" - 72"

CRCO SpecSheet
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For pipes with and without in-line coupling

Our patent pending pipe cut-off can cut single and double wall corrugated pipes with and without in-line couplings (single or double cut operation).
The cut off is suitable for pipes made of PE, PP and PVC.

User friendly operation

For size changes only the exchange of clamp shell inserts, the installation of the exit pipe guide and a call up of a pre-programmed pipe size on the PLC are necessary. This process simplifies and accelerates the size change over procedure.
All functions for clamping, travel speed and cutting are electrically adjustable.
Synchronization signals from the corrugator control clamping, speed of floating table, automatic knife positioning and cutting speed.

Quality control samples of corrugated pipes can be optionally made by activating the manual cut function.

Clean cuts – no chipping

By using a single knife we produce clean cuts with no chipping.

High safety

Our cut-offs are manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2015 procedures and bear the CE stamp of conformity to the European technical and safety standards.

CRCO 4030 Cut-Off for corrugated plastic pipes

Model CRCO 4030

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Planetary Cut-Off Model Pipe Range Min. I.D. Pipe Range Min I.D. Pipe Range Max. O.D. Pipe Range Max O.D.
50 mm 2" 300 mm 12"
50 mm 2" 700 mm 27.5"
100 mm 4" 800 mm 32"
100 mm 4" 1200 mm 48"
200 mm 8" 1500 mm 60"
CRCO-6030 450 mm 18" 1800 mm 72"
CRCO SpecSheet
Planetary Cut-Off Model A) Centre Height A) Centre Height B) Width B) Width C) Length C) Lenght Weight Approx. Weight Approx.
1160 mm 45.75" 1285 mm 50.5" 2720 mm 107" 907 kg 2000 lbs.
1730 mm 68" 1803 mm 71" 2850 mm 112" 2041 kg 4500 lbs.
1300 mm 51.1875" 1930 mm 76" 2850 mm 112" 2141 kg 4720 lbs.
1585 mm 62.37" 3100 mm 122" 3965 mm 156" 5443 kg 12000 lbs.
1845 mm 72.625" 2620 mm 103" 4220 mm 166" 6123 kg 13500 lbs.
2055 mm 81" 3100 mm 122" 4220 mm 166" 6350 kg 14000 lbs.

* Picture not exactly as shown and may include, among other things, attached guards and safety devices, as set out in manufacturer’s specifications.

Elements of the technology, operations and applications outlined herein are patented worldwide in selected countries, and are the sole property of Corma Inc.

Any publication in whole or in part is subject to authorization by Corma Inc. Corma reserves the right, in the interest of technical advancement, to change the designs and specifications without prior notice.

For a wider range of pipes. Can also be adapted to cut either PVC or polyolefin and is compatible with both single- and double-wall pipes complete with in-line couplings.