1800 mm

6030 Corrugator

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Corrugators and Pulsing Corrugators

Technical Data

Metric | Imperial
Specification Model 6030-MQR Model 6030-MQR
Pipe range Min. I.D.
450 mm 18″
Pipe range Max. O.D.
1800 mm 72″
Max. line speed*
3 m/min 10 ft/min
Max. output 6030*
1500 kg/hr 3300 lbs/hr
Set of moldblocks
32 pairs 32 pairs
Moldblock length
203 mm 8″
Moldblock chain length
6500 mm 256″
Forming section length
2030 mm 80″
Corrugator drive motor
5.6 kw (x2) 7.5 hp (x2)
Mold cooling fan (6)
1.7 kw 2.3 hp
Cooling Unit (24 fans)
3.0 kw 4.0 hp
Corrugator lifter motor
2.2 kw 3.0 hp
Corrugator travel motor
1.5 kw 2.0 hp
Corrugator hook-up
30 kw 40.5 hp
Water cooling required
161 l/min 42.5 gl/min
Air pressure hook-up
6 bar 87 psi

* Line speeds and outputs are theoretical and depend on: pipe diameter; type of plastic; machine model; cooling options; temperature and quantity of cooling water’ profile configuration; extruder capacity, etc.


Model 6030-MQR Model 6030-MQR
A) Centre height 3404 mm 134″
B) Length 7468 mm 294″
C) Width 4277 mm 169″
D) Weight approx. 40000 kg 88000 lbs


* Picture not exactly as shown and may include, among other things, attached guards and safety devices, as set out in manufacturer’s specifications.

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