Pipe makers are grooving to success with Corma

Driven by the pioneering spirit of founder Manfred Lupke, Corma has contributed to advancing Canadian technology in corrugated plastic pipe machinery. Through its proprietary machinery and solutions, Corma enables clients in the plastic pipe manufacturing industry to optimise their manufacturing processes.

“Up to 90 per cent of piping system costs are attributed to raw materials,” says Stefan Lupke, executive vice-president of Corma. “Corrugated plastic pipes can reduce material cost by more than 20 per cent, so our machinery helps our customers reduce costs significantly in the long run.”

The world’s leading companies in the sewage, drainage, cable ducting, vehicle, agriculture and medical industries use Corma’s corrugated pipes, which offer lightweight alternatives to solid pipes.

Being a niche player, Corma has successfully outlasted international competition by developing cutting-edge technology to address global market demands.

Corma’s patented corrugated plastic pipe machines utilise air-cooling systems. While eliminating the need for large water chillers, its machines also remove maintenance and condensation problems. The company’s innovations include eco-friendly technologies such as machines that use recycled material.

“We are able to service customers looking for quality and performance of equipment,” Lupke says.

With customers in more than 90 countries, Corma serves its Chinese and regional Asian clients through its Shanghai plant. “As our clients increase their presence in countries such as China, we are able to procure and service them locally and provide machinery to address their needs,” Lupke says.

With the increasing need for sewage and draining infrastructure in emerging countries, Corma’s technology will also be able to provide a sustainable solution in areas such as Southeast Asia and Africa. “We will continue to build capabilities for lighter but stronger pipes and find ways to make our technology accessible to more people,” Lupke says.