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P 42/120 Pulsating Corrugator

Model P 42/120

For pipe sizes:
1000 mm - 3000 mm 40" - 120"

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The pulsating corrugator is ideal for the production of large diameter pipe up to 3000 mm.
It features a unique space efficient design and incorporates many of Corma’s most innovative technologies such as the in-line coupling, Supercooling™, variable mold block length and compensation for pipe shrinkage.

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Specification Model P 42/120 Model P 42/120
Pipe range Min. I.D.
1000 mm 40"
Pipe range Min. O.D.
3000 mm 120"
Max. line speed*
0.3 m/min 1.0 ft/min
Max. output*
1500 kg/hr 3300 lbs/hr

* Line speeds and outputs are theoretical and depend on: pipe diameter; type of plastic; machine model; cooling options; temperature and quantity of cooling water' profile configuration; extruder capacity, etc.

Contact us now for more information.

Contact us now for more information.

The pulsating corrugator is a vacuum forming system which accepts vacuum formable materials including PVC, PE, and PP. It produces double wall pipe with corrugated outer and smooth inner walls for a wide range of applications:

  • Transporting aggressive fluids
  • Stormwater drains
  • Cross drains and culverts
  • Sewer pipes