Corma July 2014 Newsletter – Corrugator Supercooling

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Method and Apparatus of Cooling Product within a Mold

Corma Corrugator Mold Block Supercooling

Corma’s Supercooling technology channels cool air into the mold blocks to maintain optimal temperature.

In 1973, Corma introduced the first air-cooled corrugator machine to the world.  Since then, every single one of our corrugators has been air-cooled, making it a distinct signature of our product line.  At the time, we were ridiculed by our competitors who were all using water-cooling.  However, it would appear that their technology has reached its limits as we are noticing more companies developing so-called “new” air cooling systems that we have already been refining for the past 41 years.  It has evolved to include our patented Supercooling™ system and patented Insulated Cooling Enclosure, combining to make Corma air-cooled corrugators some of the most efficient and effective machines currently available.

When the plastic sets up and cools down it shrinks and pulls away from the mold, creating a gap between the pipe and the mold that effectively acts as an insulator.  Picture a cold glass of water with condensation that runs along the sides – if you take both hands and hold the glass, your hands will feel very cold.  However, if you remove your hands from the glass and stay close to it without touching, you will feel almost nothing cooling your hands.  The small air gap insulates the cold glass from your hands, similar to how a double pane window insulates the outside temperature from the inside the house.  This principle is also applicable to mold blocks and plastic.

The concept of our Supercooling™ technology (patented in 1998) is to channel cold air into the gap between the pipe and mold to maximize cooling efficiency.  Cold air travels through the vacuum forming slits on one end of our mold block into the gap, then exiting out through the slits on the other end.  This method efficiently cools both the pipe as well as the mold blocks.

Corma Corrugator Enclosure

Corma’s corrugator enclosure maintains optimal operating temperature of the corrugator system as well as prevents condensation from building.

In addition, our Insulated Cooling Enclosure is a climate controlled system that maintains optimal operating temperature throughout the year.  This means energy requirements are lower than conventional cooling systems that continuously blow air because our enclosure only requires energy to cool the corrugator when needed, which also prevents overcooling issues as well.

The combination of our Supercooling™ technology and insulated cooling enclosure increases productivity from 25% up to 50% with less energy usage and consistently produces high quality pipes that have minimal inherent stress.  As an innovation leader, we are already working on a new patent for mold block technology with a cutting-edge air-cooling system to further enhance the capabilities of our clients’ businesses.  Please stay tuned for more information on how Corma can make a positive impact on your bottom line!


Corma Corrugator Supercooling

Corma’s Supercooling technology channels cool air into the mold blocks to maintain optimal temperature.

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