The Pursuit of Innovation and Quality – Corma featured in the Latest Issue of the Beijing Review

As a specialist in corru­gated plastic pipe manu­facturing equipment for over 40 years, family-owned Corma is build­ing on its international reputation.

Last year Corma was presented with the Lead­ership Award of Excel­lence at the 2016 Ontario Export Awards and the company is today recognized as a leading producer of machinery and die tooling equipment for the corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing industry.

Corma President Manfred Lupke, Plastic Hall of Fame Member

“We were a very small start-up when we began in 1973,” recalls Manfred Lupke, Founder, Presi­dent, Chief Executive Of­ficer and an inductee into the Plastics Academy Hall of Fame.

“Our company consisted of myself – a mechanical engineer, a colleague of mine and my wife who was responsible for the entire office.”

Today, the company employs over 250 people and has delivered over 1,300 machines to more than 100 countries. With headquarters in Concord, Ontario, Canada, Corma has regional sales and services offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America and a manufacturing facility in China.

“Over 20 years ago, we were invited to join one of the first delegations to China to explore investment and manufacturing opportunities,” says Lupke. “This initial introduction to the Chinese market and later experiences prompted us to invest in China around 10 years ago. Corma Shanghai is an important link in our supply chain.”

Corma’s machinery features the latest cutting-edge technology designed to help companies produce high-quality pipes with optimal efficiency, cost-effectiveness and space requirements while minimizing downtime.

“Plastic corrugated pipes and tubing produced on our machines range from 1 mm to 3,000 mm in diameter and we are able to customize production systems and auxiliary equipment to meet the specific requirements of our clients,” says Lupke.

“Our machines can be engineered to work with a variety of materials to ensure requisite pipe stiffness, adherence to worldwide standards and material cost savings.”

6030 Pipe corrugator

In recognition of the company’s technical innovations, Corma was awarded the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award for Innovation in Production or Technological Advancement last year.

By delivering a patented range of pipe manufacturing machinery, dies and die tooling equipment, downstream equipment for manufacturing PVC pipes and polyethylene and polypropylene plastic tubing, Corma is winning new customers.

“We are driven to innovate, deliver quality products and be a reliable partner for our existing and future customers,” says Lupke. “We have over 1,000 international patents and many more in various stages, and from a manufacturing perspective, China remains a very important part of our value chain. We are proud to have been one of the earlier Canadian companies to visit the country and we are more than happy with the close relationship we enjoy with our friends in China.”

Source: Beijing Review