Super CoolingTM

Corma’s patented pipe and mold block cooling method – a breakthrough in corrugated pipe production.

The shrinkage gap is a very poor conductor of heat and therefore highly inefficient. Corma’s engineers have taken advantage of the pipe shrinkage and developed a patented cooling system called Supercooling. Cold air is channeled through the vacuum forming slits around the pipe, as soon as the pipe shrinks away from the mold block surface.

Corrugator Cooling Enclosure

Our corrugators are covered with a Cooling Enclosure. With this insulation we maintain the optimal molding temperature for mold blocks. The climate inside the corrugator is stable, cold and dry.

Even in countries with high humidity our Corrugators do not have problems with condensation water, such as it occurs on direct water cooled corrugators.

The whole system incorporates an enclosure, temperature control system, high pressure blowers and mold block design to optimize cooling and productivity.