In addition to being a leading innovator in the field of plastic corrugated pipe extrusion for more than 45 years, Corma has also proven to be a valuable partner for pipe manufacturers in over 100 countries. We have experience helping our customers to become leaders in their respective industries and global markets.

Our expertise goes beyond the design and manufacturing of pipe corrugators and extends into:

Pipe Profile Design: Corma’s engineering team has the expertise to design a pipe profile based on customer needs. Our pipe profile design will pass all the required standards with minimum weight. In turn, this enables our customers to produce high quality pipes while reducing material cost on every single piece of pipe produced on Corma corrugators.

Plant Layout: We assist our customers in making the most efficient use of their manufacturing floor space, built around the unique vertical construction of Corma corrugators.

Raw Material Selection: Whether it’s polyolefin (PE/PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), virgin or recycled material, we have the experience and expertise to guide our clients to choose the ideal resin material to meet their objectives.

Extruder Requirements: Variables such as pipe size, output rate and raw material will all be deciding factors for a corrugated pipe manufacturer to select a suitable extruder for their Corma corrugator line.

Corma works with the world’s leading extruder manufacturers and we provide our clients with the required extruder specifications they would need to meet their output targets.