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Corrugated Plastic Pipe system engineering expertise of Corma Inc. … one of the world leaders in pipe manufacturing systems.

Superior Corrugated Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Systems

We make the business better.

Corma fabricates original, specialized, purpose-designed, patented equipment for the corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing industry. We have a strong reputation for manufacturing quality equipment, at competitive prices, and for delivering on a timely basis.

Our plant is the only one in the world authorized to produce equipment employing Corma’s patented designs and technology.

This latest technology is immediately made available to our clients, who can feel confident knowing Corma is a partner, not a competitor.

Superior Research and Development

We design with the client in mind.

Corma invests heavily in research and development, to develop and manufacture premium corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing products and systems with direct, measurable benefits for our clients.

The Corma advantage includes reduced production times, maintenance requirements and costs, and increased product quality and versatility.

Our highly trained engineers work closely with the client to design a system to suit the intended application and environment. This support continues until the corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing machinery or equipment is completely installed and is fully operational.

Superior Quality Control and Product Guarantee

We build products of high quality.

Virtually every manufacturing activity takes place in-house at the Corma plant, ensuring strict adherence to our strict quality control standards.

Our clients know that Corma stands behind its products and will work collaboratively to resolve any requirements on an ongoing basis, beyond the lengthy Corma 36-month warranty period.

Corma regularly communicates with clients to evaluate how we can add even greater value to the corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing equipment and to our relationship, and is integral to our culture of continuous improvement.