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Engineering for Customer Success

In a world where companies are looking for ways to reduce production costs while maintaining or improving product quality, Corma is focused on the development of plastic pipe production systems that will do just that. With over 848 patents to our credit, and steadfastness to the time-honoured principles of continuous innovation, consistent quality and reliability, and a customer service driven corporate culture, Corma engineers its products for customer success.

How do we do that? Companies buy our corrugated plastic pipe production systems because of the immense production value that they gain from the use of our machines. Our unique production innovations allow our customers to:

  • Sell their products for premium prices
  • Offer their customers extended warranties, knowing that their pipe products will be reliable over the long run
  • Reduce their space and infrastructure requirements for manufacturing
  • Reduce their operating and maintenance costs (including energy and labour)
  • Reduce their down time
  • Reduce start-up or line switch-over times to a fraction of those of competitors
  • Run continuously (24/7) with only scheduled maintenance (performed while the machine is still in operation)
  • Increase production output and maintain it for extended periods of time
  • Increase finished product quality, fit, and finish

We continually raise the bar in terms of engineering innovation, product quality, reliability, and customer service. In 2013, we celebrate our 40th year in business. We achieved this historical milestone because of our adherence to five guiding principles that have served us well since Manfred Lupke first founded the company in 1973.