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Corma: A Company with a Mission

Corma is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of corrugated plastic pipe production systems. We continually raise the bar in terms of engineering innovation, product quality, reliability, and customer service. In 2013, we celebrate our 40th year in business. We achieved this historical milestone because of our adherence to five guiding principles that have served us well since Manfred Lupke first founded the company in 1973:

Corma’s Five Guiding Principles:

  • Superior Performance: We will design and manufacture our products, first for superior performance, quality, and durability, and second for profitability.

  • The Golden Rule: We will treat our customers, suppliers, and fellow employees in the manner in which we would want to be treated.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction: We will do whatever it takes to exceed customer expectations.

  • Operational Success: We will work in an organized and efficient manner to help achieve operational excellence, both for ourselves, and for our customers, in their use of Corma Machinery.

  • Lifetime Customer Support: We will continue to support our customers for as many years as they have Corma products.

Our values have guided every operation and every decision made in the company, right from engineering and manufacturing, through to quality control and customer service. We look forward to the next 40 years of providing our customers with new and exciting products.

Our Promise to Our Customers

There are three things that we promise to our customers:

  1. We will deliver advanced corrugated production systems.
  2. Our products will allow you to be the highly productive and competitive in your local markets.
  3. You will be supported by one of the longest and most comprehensive warranty and customer care programs of any corrugated pipe production system manufacturer.

Corma is member of Plastics Pipe InstitutCorma is member of the Canadian Plastic Industry Association

Corma is member of CFIBCorma is Member of the Canadian Manufacturer ExportersCorma is member of SPI